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The Simplicity Revolution

After posting a scathing review of the American Airlines website, Dustin Curtis received a personal response from one of the user experience architects who works on the AA design team. The response letter, titled “Dear Dustin Curtis“, tries to explain why the American Airlines website is so bad. The designer essentially blames the problems on the massive corporate infrastructure surrounding any design choices, and laments about the reviews and revisions that accompany all their work.

I would highly recommend reading this article, especially if you work in a large corporate environment. The follow-up response by Dustin is also really interesting, asking designers to take an introspective look at their taste, as well as blaming poor corporate leadership for bad design (taste).

But don’t take my word for it….

Prepare for your mind to be blown by reading Dear Dustin Curtis…

An Aside

This article also ended up leading me to the manifesto of 37signals, another life changing read.

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